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Like a Rock (tough swimming ahead)!

From: erik aase
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Date: November 22, 2002
Time: 22:46:39


Tired of the smug condescending demeanor of chevy guys. It seems like whenever a couple of buddies are sittting around, having a beer,talking about their projects the 'chevy guys' always usualy say: (1) Chevy parts are plentiful. (2) It's inexpensive to build up a small block. (3) Chevy is the world's largest auto producer for the last 150 years!( they also rewrite history). It's like listening to a brain washed disciple from some sinister cult. In fact they will probably tell you that contrary to popular belief that jesus rode into jerusalem not on the back of a donkey but behind the wheel of a 57 chevy! Why is it then with all their apparent didain for anything non-chevy that they will ask a mopar fanatic (when no one is looking) if they have a 50's chrysler hemi "kicking around" for a reasonable price. When asked why they would dare put a chrysler engine in their sacred chevy they usually reply " I want to make it special". Maybe the advantages of abundant parts and cheap prices have made the small block chevy engine the hamburger of the resto world. "What's wrong" I reply "the heartbeat of America aint cutting it anymore"? If chevy is a hamburger for the masses then forward look mopars are the steak. Why! because they're rare! In parting, remember, in this world it's "sink or swim" and if "you're like a Rock-------!"


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