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Re: Like a Rock (heads nor tails of any of that......)

From: Kenny J.
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Date: November 23, 2002
Time: 22:25:31


Heck, we drive a '99 Toyota Sienna and a '66 Chevy C-10 pick up more often than not. I also have a three '59 Chevys (two Impalas and an El Camino), a '60 Chevy Impala and two '72 Plymouth Satellite Sebrings, plus the carcass of a '52 Chevy pick up. Nothing against Fords nor AMCs, just haven't owned any yet, though I'd like a '62 Ford Country Sedan wagon or a '66 Galaxie someday. A new BMW or M-B would also be welcome in our garage! Taste is subjective. Just remember, we Yanks often are rivals over nearly everything! :-) It's part of our competitive culture, for better or for worse.


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