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Re: How about an Adventurer eggcrate grille?

From: alumcan
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Date: November 24, 2002
Time: 11:30:27


John, When I did this anodizing search footwork, it was in 1984-5. Phone systems then were not as advanced as today, especially here in WV. What I DID have axcess to, was a complete business listing directory. I think that there were over three or four hundred chrome plating buisness listed in the entire U.S. About half listed were 'industrial chrome' shops. Meaning, very hard chrome used for hydraulic components. Each time you see a backhoe in operation and see a shiny rod going in and out a cly, that is industrial chorme. ('bout the easiest I can explain it) The rest listed, were 'decorative chrome' shops. Those are the ones 'we' use for our bumpers/parts/etc. In that business directory, all were just listed as a 'Chrome Plating' business. So, as I called each one, I 'weeded' out the ones that didn't do show/bumper chrome, and the ones that did aluminum anodizing, did they have a 7 or 8 foot long vat. I did this search on each of my dinner brakes. The Company paid a 'flat rate' for the phone service reguardless of how many calls and to where. I was a hydraulic welder on night shift, so I didn't have all of the 'bosses' running around, like they do on day shift. The "used to work" part. We had a Company buy out, 12 Union and 20 Company workers were given the 'ax' last November. So I was one of the 12. I know, the way I worded Hank's awnser, it sounded like I was caught making '1-900', whatever, calls, got caught, and then got s&%$ canned. Naw, it didn't happen quite that 'colorful' way. Sorry to bust yer bubble. LOL


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