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Of eggcrategrilles and unemployment

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: November 24, 2002
Time: 16:23:38


Can....First of all, sorry to hear that you were "downsized" in a buyout. Seems to be what the new people do so they can use the former company's assets to pay for the takeover. Too bad you weren't let go for some interesting reason other than being to expensive on the payroll. I apologize, because I had that 1-900- SPANK-ME thing on my mind too! As for discussions a couple years ago, if you gave out numbers, I wasn't on the forum until last year (my how time flies), so I missed those discussions. I will dredge the archives, though, and if I can't find numbers I will contact you. This grille is NOT mandatory, as one that I have is workable, and at least I have an anodized original grille. Poor Doug Dressler's car (the one the Danbury Mint used for there model) is PAINTED gold, from what I hear.


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