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Re: How about a 'parts' metaphor to clear that up?

From: alumcan
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Date: November 25, 2002
Time: 02:54:37


Hey "Einstine', On your computer to MoPar parts compiarson, I've noticed 'this.' While meandering through the different Carlisle shows picking up cans, I've seen a "Camaro guy" spend 5K, and carry out enough parts to build almost a complete '69 Z. I've seen a "Mustang Guy" do the same thing with his 5K on a Mach I. But for a MoPar dude to carry out as much parts (new or otherwise) as the Z and Mach I guys, he had to spend 15K! Ive noticed that NOS/NORS parts for a '70 Fury cost the same as a '70 'Cuda. But which one, Fury or 'Cuda, would sell quicker and for more money? Now, you wanna compaire parts cost between a FWDLK car and a '70 'Cuda,,,,,,? All I gotta say is, we, the FwdLk people must have been out in the sun too long, breathed diesel/moonshine fumes, or ate too many putty balls, to put up with the parts/price headachs, just to be 'differnt enough' to be able to brag/show off/enjoy, a series of vehicles that before 1983, 99% of the US population wouldn't even take the time to walk across the street to look at!


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