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Re: 52 hemi What to do with it?

From: alumcan
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Date: November 25, 2002
Time: 11:28:38


I'm suprised that Hank Dozier hasn't jumped in here. That Hemi from '51 to '53 has the 'bell' incorporated into the block. Meaning, you can't use an adapter to bolt any other late trans to it. The 'ole 2 sp power flite is all that will work. So forget a Street Rod type swap. All that motor is good for, is parts, OR, a much needed restoration for a '51-'53 Chrysler/Imperial! Dayna 60's, I'm guessing, but the 'full floating' (3/4 ton type rear hubs) came out in pickups in the late 50's (?) The 60 came out in a passenger car in the early 60's. So there is NO way that 331 Hemi had a Dayna 60 from the factory, unless it was some kind of truck. Hank can give you percice months and years.


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