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That's Funny, Alumcan....

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: November 26, 2002
Time: 00:36:10

Comments of the reasons why I got into Mopars in the first place is that I could get a complete decent car for what the Ford/Chevy guys wanted for basket cases. I go to multi-brand shows and meets and I still find prices for complete Ford/Chevy project cars to be higher than most comparable Mopar projects. Mopar NOS parts have always been nigher-priced than Ford/GM NOS as a rule due to lesser production, BUT I have managed to make some good scores in Forward Look NOS stuff as there is less demand than for muscle-era items. In June,I got some NOS floor pedal rubber pads for $5 each and literally walked about 100 ft. to my wagon and installed them right at the show/meet! And a NOS '61 Fury fender emblem for $10 (the vendor didn't know what year it was for, unlike the '64 emblem he wanted $50 for!). I still find that at the multi-brand shows that Mopar projects cost less than Ford/GM (as they should,it's more difficult to find parts. Oh, and I think the late '60's - early 70's Furys would be a great car to buy now! I think in the next ten years their value will go up more (proportionately) than the musclecars. If a '70 Fury NOS part costs as much as a '70 Cuda NOS part (I have yet to see this be the case!),it might still be worth it because it's less likely to be reproduced. At that meet last June I noticed that a restored '70 Sport Fury S-23 was getting a lot more attention than any one of the row of E-bodies (including the Hemi cars!) Hey,SOME of us like cars that you can't restore with one phone call!


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