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Re: How about a divine metaphor (oh blasphemy)!

From: erik aase
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Date: November 26, 2002
Time: 01:02:11


Well since I started this whole commotion maybe I'll attempt to sum things up. Yes alumcan mopar fanatics are half baked,stubborn,egotistical and somewhat arrogant! On the downside is their inability to give up on a crazy, home spun resto idea for one of their projects. Remember necessity is the mother of invention. Mopar parts are rare in the relative scheme of things so we end up trying are darndest to create order out of chaos. Let the multi brand junk yard be our source for inspiration. Unlike ford or chevy we don't have a plethora of aftermarketers churning out parts to satisfy our itch. We have become cunning and creative from our ordeals while those hooked on catalogues have become complacent and weak.It is for these reasons that we shall inevitably overcome such obstacles and go forth and prosper!


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