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Re: Like a Rock (tough swimming ahead)!

From: ted von wyl
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Date: November 26, 2002
Time: 08:14:22


i can see where eric is coming from,i grew up liking all,my dad had a 68 corvette breathing in the same air in the garage as all of our chrysler products.but the car show thing got to be what it is today(huge)and the more me and my dad breathed in the same air as most of the chevy boys it became apparent that most of them thought they where the only ones that belonged all you multi make people on here are good open minded people but you are far and in between.if any of you have any diehard chevy freinds,step back sometime and listen and watch closely to thier actions and you will see what eric is talking about.i hear this from people all the time and thought it was just me and my dads opinion only but it cant the way my dad got sick of the chevy attitude and sold his corvette and spent the money on his mopars!!!


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