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'57 D100 Dodge for sale...

From: Dana
Remote Name:
Date: November 27, 2002
Time: 17:44:17


Greetings gang! This is a message on another forum from my buddy Judd in Nebraska... "I just bought and need to bring home a 57 D100 with a push button trans, no dents, V8, custom cab. Very nice truck and pics can be seen at When the gentleman gets the junk out of the way I'll be able to post better pics, until then I'll try to help with any questions you might have, truck will be for sale after I get it polished and spruced up a bit. Thanks, Judd" Since he doesn't frequent this forum often please email him at I told him this forum is mostly the automobiles of the era, but I thought there might be someone out there interested in the truck. Hope someone is! Also, just incase I post here more in the future, my credentials are a). I've owned in the past 2-'55 DeSoto Fireflight Sportsmen and 1-'56 Fireflite four door and b). I don't remember beans about them anymore! I was also once offered a '56 Pace Car for $2,000.00 in Norfolk, NE, my home town. Who had $2,000 when they were in college?!?! Looking back... maybe I should have tried the Jesse James early withdrawl plan... should have tried harder for that convertible...


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