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From: Nathan Manning
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Date: November 27, 2002
Time: 17:54:28


I know this may sound a bit cheesy... but I just wanted to take a moment to wish my ForwardLook Family a happy Thanksgiving. I do this knowing that not all ForwardLookers are from the U S of A. Still, I welcome everyone to join in the sentiment of this holiday. Among other things, I am truly thankful for each of the following: 1) the numerous friendships I have built from the ForwardLook Network, 2) The various tidbits of advice and encouragement that have been bestowed upon me as a member of this society, 3) The entertainment I get from reading the articles and viewing the pictures available on this great site, 4) The availability of a forum in which to discuss, inquire, argue, and fellowship with a group of enthusiasts that share a common interest. That said, Thank You Dave... and thanks to all the members and contributors that make this site possible. I'm glad to share my hopes, dreams, humor, and experiences with such a diverse group of wonderful people. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, please know that I am grateful for you all... and I hope this holiday will find you and your family blessed in many ways. Now that I've shown my sentimental side, let's all go forth to eat too much food and watch too much football.


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