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Re: '58 coronet hidden VIN

From: Jay Albin
Remote Name:
Date: November 28, 2002
Time: 23:32:47


I'm about 90 miles south of Omaha, right on Highway 75....about 3 miles from the Kansas line. The '58 is the only finned car I've got at the moment. I've got a junk yard (sorry, recycling center?) :) and mainly mess with the big "C" bodys and 4x4's on the automotive end. I've just recently started dragging in a few of the early-mid 50's cars and trucks as well. I think it's a sickness of sorts. I'm trying to work a deal with a guy on nearly a dozen finned cars, mostly parts cars but they're all pretty complete. I don't think there's any Belvedere's in the group but if there is I'll get his # to you if there's anything you can use. Jay


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