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Re: forwardlook carpets

From: neil vedder
Remote Name:
Date: November 29, 2002
Time: 02:02:22


Kelly, yours is a bit of a trick-question, as Coronets & Royals had rubber floor mats, and not carpeting. "Custom" Coronet models (having mylar-trim on the door panels, and "Star-Dot"-patterned upholstery) had 'color-coordinated' rubber mats; otherwize, all of the 'standard' Coronets had black rubber floor mats. The Custom Royals & Custom Sierra wagons had color-coordinated carpeting. BTW, the carpeting was a plush cut-pile, and not a loop-pile (as the Chryslers had). Rubber mats appear on Ebay, semi-regularly. Gary Goers makes/sells black loop pile carpeting; got it in my Custom Royal.


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