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Re: 326 cid

From: FPaul D Hoffmeyer
Remote Name:
Date: November 30, 2002
Time: 01:23:15


Jay, the issue is easily confused because there were 2 different polys made by Mopar. Your 325 is based on the original Hemi design by Chrysler in '51, and then the Dodge version beginning in '53. By changing the heads, valve train, and covers, they turned it into a polyspherical shaped combustion chambered engine costing less than the Hemi to make. You will notice that your 325 has a separate sheet metal valley cover under the intake manifold. There is also a water manifold that bolts on to the front of both heads and holds the water pump. The 277,301,303, 318, & 326 is an entirely different engine designed by the Plymouth Division and uses the intake manifold AS the valley cover. The rocker covers are shaped a little more like saw teeth on the bottom, whereas the 325, 315, 270 and other Hemi origin polys has more of a scalloped shape to the lower edge of the covers. You should find your engine number on the top front of the block in front of the valley cover. The 326 and engines in that family will be stamped on the front of the block just below the driver's side cylinder head. The numbers will be the only outside indicator of a 326 as they appear identical to the 318, etc. polys. And the 326 was ONLY in '59 dodge cars. '60 and up used the 318. Hope this helps a little. There is almost no crossover of parts between the two engine families; maybe thermostats, distributors, & timing chains, but not sure. Paul H


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