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Re: 326 cid

From: Paul D Hoffmeyer
Remote Name:
Date: November 30, 2002
Time: 18:27:52


Jay, you are correct in assuming the heads will interchange. You will also need the rocker arm covers and spark plug tubes, exhaust manifolds, rocker arm assemblies and the push rods. The push rods are different lengths between the 2 different block heights. The push rods for the 325 and 315 will be longer than the ones for the 241, 259, and 270. The crankshafts are in the same situation, with the 241, 259, & 270 having a 3 1/4" stroke and the 315 and 325 having something like a 3 5/8". One other thing, I believe your '58 325 has smaller head-locating dowel pins than all earlier engines, thus preventing '58 heads from fitting on earlier blocks unless you remove them or get stepped pins. Would not be a problem in your case. You know, there's nothing wrong with a poly. They were only slightly less powerful than the hemi's and probably just as much a conversation starter. Have fun. Paul H


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