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A Random Observation....

From: Nathan Manning
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Date: December 02, 2002
Time: 21:54:59


You know those thoughts you have when you get a bit too analytical with life? No? Oh well... Here's one I just came up with. I don't think it will make any waves with the big wheels at Chrysler... but here's my contribution to their possible future success. "Rearward Look: Suddenly, it's 1955 - Again!" I can see it now... Shiny new cars with fiberglass fins and plastic chrome. Ah, Nostalgia. I'd just like to see some FIFTIES-Inspired rides rolling outta the factories. We already have the popular Prowler and PT Cruiser... both of which represent the earlier decades quite well. And Ford has hearkened back to the Fabulous Fifties with the new incarnation of the T-Bird... Not to mention the "new" Beetle from VW. With the aforementioned offerings, I sense that things are headed in a good direction. Still, I want some FINS to come back. Just a thought... Now, go write your Congressional representatives... Ha!


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