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59 Dodge Coronet

From: David Carroll
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Date: December 03, 2002
Time: 19:26:22


Recently aquired a 59 Coronet 2HT with 66k real miles. All I've read tells me these cars (if small blocks) came with 326's, not 318's. Trying to determine if the engine in my car is actually original, and whether it's a 326 or a 318. The only numbers I can find on the block are: 1737828 and this appears on the pass. side front below cyl. head. Purchased it from the 72 yr. old original owner who swears it was ORDERED with a 318, AND,...he was the body shop mgr. of the Florence, Alabama CPD dealership at the time, so he should know what he's talking about,..right ?? Sad part is that the engine passed away Thanksgiving morning at about 10am. Before I have a funeral for it, I'd like to know which one it is, then I can make a quality decision about what to do, rebuild or replace. All thoughts, opinions, and help sincerely appreciated.


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