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55 Powerflite Sun Gear difference Please Help!!

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: December 04, 2002
Time: 09:33:42


Hi Hank and everyone. I hope someone can help. I finally found the way to install the piston into the new direct clutch retainer (LOTS of Lubriplate and a press). But now, I ordered, received, and looked at the new sun gear and it is diffeent from my old one. the old one has 6 oil holes drilled into the fillet radius beneath the gear, and the new one does not. So i go to the parts book, and lo and behold, the new sun gear is for C70,C72,and C73, whereas the old sun gear is for a C71. There is no other apparent difference between the two but the oil holes. Should I drill the holes into the new one? This is very hard steel, probably drop forged, machined, and induction hardened. It would probably take a toolmaker's prowess to index and drill the 6 equally spaced 3/32 holes. Or do I keep looking for the other sun gear. This leads me to my next question, and the parts book shows the piston reatiner that goes with the new sun gear is a different part number (also for C70,C72,C73). What is the difference between these two direct clutch assemblies? I know that it's not for a C300 or a 300B because that's yet another different assembly. Please help if you can...I don't want to screw this rebuild up, and this is the last thing I have to do before it is reassembled. Thanks!


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