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Re: 55 Powerflite Sun Gear difference Please Help!!

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: December 04, 2002
Time: 10:37:03


Lee...Have NOT pulled apart a Powerflite to look at it in details, but I DO KNOW that my Adventurer has an extra clutch plate in it compared to a standard DeSoto (Firedome/Fireflite) Powerflite in 1956. I might imagine that the larger 354 engine with its power compared to the Windsor 331 poly used this extra plate as well. That would mean a different part for the assembly pieces from both the drum and the piston to accomodate the extra plate. Also, maybe changes to the lubrication (those holes?). If this is indeed the case, I might think that you should see if you can get the C70/72/73 piston retainer/clutch pack setup and upgrade, as long as you are this far. I would apreciate comments on this to correct my flawed logic, if this is NOT the case! Also, you might want to contact Gary Nelson ( on this. I know he is an "expert" on the early Torqueflites, and possible the Powerflite as well. He may be able to confirm/deny/modify my "guesses" as to the extra clutch plate and the functions of the oil holes. Sorry I cannot be of more help here!


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