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'73 last year for Class A Motorhome 413

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: December 05, 2002
Time: 00:41:01


The Class A motorhome chassis (26 ft.+) engine was 413 ci. through 1973, then 440 ci. until 1980. The Class A motorhome engines are unique in that the head and block have an extra water cooling passage. You can use standard heads with the motorhome block (& vice versa) but that would block the extra water passage. The Class A heads use RV12 spark plugs instead of R12. My 1974 Class A engine has a forged crank, whereas almost all other 1974 440's have a cast crank. Those forged cranks were last forged in 1973,but the leftover stock was used in 1974 truck/industrial RB engines.


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