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Imperial motor mounts won't work. Other than that....

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: December 05, 2002
Time: 00:56:14


The Imperial is a full frame car,and the rest of the line is unibody. The motor mounts are different. You can use the 1960-61 Chrysler/Dodge/ Plymouth B-engine motor mounts. (also 1962-64 Chrysler) My '60 Plymouth wagon has a 440 (and an A-833 4-speed!), so I know those work. IF your Plymouth is a Torqueflite (you didn't say,but this is very important information for the swap) then you can reuse its trans. mount and your TF dash pushbuttons. If it's manual/Powerflite,find a TF car for those pieces. (or modify the PF trans. mount) There is ample room for an RB with a stock intake manifold,carb and air cleaner. And yes $750 is a fair deal for a good running '60 413/ A-466 Torqueflite pair.


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