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Re: 60 chrysler swivel seats (Spinarama)

From: Joe
Remote Name:
Date: December 08, 2002
Time: 18:16:03


Interesting, 'cause my '60 Fury has those seats and I was going to tear into 'em to get to work with the doors. Guess I won't now since they're probably more trouble than they're worth. I did have another '60 back in '60-'64, but it didn't have the swivel seats so I really didn't know about the dealer-type modification which was possibly done on my latest one as well. I was also thinking that since it is a very early '60, it just was produced with the old '59-type seats. The carb linkage on the ram set-up definitely is early production and I thought the seats followed suit. Thanx for the info.


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