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Re: Baby Hemis

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: December 09, 2002
Time: 08:50:18


Here are your options. I will start with "smallest" in physical size/weight and work up. DODGE: From 1953 through1954, Dodge made a small hemi in 241 CID displacement. 7.0:1 CR, and you will have to get custom pistons to get higher CR. In 1955, they bump ed the displacement to 270CID, and CR to 7.5:1. Same issue with pistons. In 1956 the deck was raised by about 0.75", and displacement went to 315CID. Here you have 8.5:1 and 9.25:1 CRs In 1957 it was bored to 325 CID, and 9.25:1CR remained. You can find aluminum intakes in 3x2bbl, single 4bbl, and dual 4bbl for these engines. DESOTO: In 1952 through 1954, a 276 CID engine was offered. CRs same as Dodge, piston comments the same. In 1955 a 291CID was made in both 2 and 4bbl form. CR raised to 7.5:1 and 8.0:1. In 1956 the deck was raised by about 0.75" to make it 330 CID. Both 2bbl and 4bbl was offered, and a special bored 341 with 2x4bbl for Adventurer. CR was 8.5:1 except the 341, which was 9.25:1 and had a hotter camshaft. In 1957 the engine was 341 for 2 and 4bbl, with the Adventurer having a bored 345 with same carburetion and cam as the 56 341. The low deck DeSoto have some 3x2bb, 4x2bbl single 4bbl and 2x4bbl aluminum intakes available. Nothing for the raised-deck except stock or FI hardware. The Chrysler came in 331 and 354 low deck. 1951 through mid-54 331s had an extended block casting. Rest of 54 was same as Dodge and DeSoto with aluminum adaptor plate. In 1955 the Chrysler got a water mainfold off the head front face like the Dodge, and the manifolds went "dry". In 1957 the deck was raised to make the 392, and the heads were widened to allow the same intakes off the 331/354 to fit the 392. A lot of old speed equipment fits the Chryslers, but these are the longest and widest (and heaviest) of the three blocks. That is the quick recap of the engine offerings. Good luck hunting, and I suggest you get one of Leo Lindquist's HEMI parts books to assist you in your searches. Find them on Ebay or through Powerplay/Hot Heads sites.


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