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Re: Baby Hemis

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: December 09, 2002
Time: 13:23:49


You can get a kit to put either a GM automatic or a Chrysler automatic behind that engine. Cost, excluding the transmission/torque converter, should be about $350.00 You can also using this kit fit a modern manual, if you wish. A little more trouble, and requires the pilot bushing in the back of the crank. Parts available for this engine include iron 4-bbl manifold (from 1955 Super Red Ram 270 CID hemi), aluminum 4bbl and 3x2bbl units, Hillborn injection rigs a well. Pistons in custom compression ratios are available through Powerplay/Hot Heads, or possibly PAW, as well as directly from some manufacturers. Camshafts can be reground by Neilson Cams in Farmington, Utah. You can use 318/340/360 timing sets with minor modification of some cam wheels to allow usage of the stock fuel pump eccentric if retained. Also, you can use with adaptors the modern oil pumps, and can with no modifications use the 318 series electronic distributors. You do have to use the front "chin" style engine mounting system, as these engines had no "ears" on the blocks. Also, some of these engines featured solid-lifter cams as Marine units, and the rocker assys interchange, although you need the dimpled valve covers and wire covers as well if you switch. Rebuild kits/gasket sets also are available from Powerplay or from Kanter. As you are in Nebraska, you are close to Dale Wilch's store, and he may have abunch of parts that fit this engine (including adaptor plates for modern transmissions)


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