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Re: 60 chrysler swivel seats (Spinarama)

From: Gavin
Remote Name:
Date: December 09, 2002
Time: 14:33:20


One possible reason for the factory disconnection of the "automatic" seat swivelling may have to do with a great story I heard. Apparently some Chrysler bigwig had a car fitted with these fabulous seats in which he travelled with his lovely wife to a big swanky dinner dance on a hot summers evening somewhere around Detroit. I think you can picture the sort of country club do I'm talking about. This being the fifties the lady in question was of course wearing stockings, ball gown the works, and being in their own car she hitched up her skirt to allow the maximum cooling breeze to cool her comfortably on a hot sticky night. Cut to new Chryler and occupants sweeping up exclusive gravel drive and pulling up outside the club, buzzing with excited guests all admiring this beautiful example of Detroits finest... when suddenly, before the lady could adjust herself, some flunky opened the door for her... automatically swivelling her around for the gathered guests to get a full view... Oooops !!!! I suspect this could well explain that disconnection ! Pity because it seems like a great idea to me, treated with a little caution ! LoL


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