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OT 57 D100 home now with pics

From: Judd
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Date: December 09, 2002
Time: 20:43:50


I bought this from an older gentleman who had bought it back in 78 from a used car lot just because he thought it was a "Creampuff" It was and still is!! He drove it for a week!!? Then parked it in the barn? This is a true BARN FRESH truck! I brought it home drained old gas, flushed with new, drained again, put another 5 gals in and changed the oil. Hit the key and it fired right off! Now I did have to monkey with the carb a little (stuck accelerator pump) but it's now working. Runs a little rough (needs a tuneup) It also has a crack in the drivers side exaust manifold (I have a replacement that is being bead blasted ) Needs a brake job (sitting to long) And the drivers side running board does have a little rust (In the typical spot for this year) Otherwise this truck is SWEET!!!!!!!!! Push button auto with the big back window, dealer installed radio (works!!!) Just a slight amount of scaleing in the passenger side floor (no rust through just scaleing) This thing has the tightest turning radius of any truck I've ever owned. Check out the pics! Bed floor is in good shape, very few dents and very small if that. I did cheat a little though--- Dana said I should wax it but man it's just too cold here right now so I did the next best thing, Just to give you guys the idea of what it will look like polished I wiped it down with linseed oil, it will still need to be polished (I would just clear coat this thing and call it good after a good polish) This thing is one of the nicest original trucks I have ever offered for sale. I'll let you know when I get it up on Ebay. In the mean time check out the new pics. Thanks Judd 57 Dodge truck Job Rated Trucks - You Save Money with a truck that fits YOUR job. Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service.


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