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Re: How does a push button tranny work???

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: December 12, 2002
Time: 15:35:56


Danny - It works like any other tranny, just with a cable moving the selector mechanism, instead of rods and levers doing so. You have an early cast-iron Torqueflite, without a Park, but you may still have a "parking brake" in the form of a drum brake on the transmission tailshaft (look to see if there's an obvious drum there). But if your wheels/brakes are not locked up, then your transmission should indeed be in Neutral when you push the N button. HOWEVER (1) the selector mechanism can go out of adjustment, or (2) the cable can seize up over time and start to kink. In either case the tranny may still be in gear even after you've pressed the N button in. For (1) you must adjust the selector, which is easy and I could e-mail you a description of the procedure. For (2) you need to unscrew the pushbutton setup on the dash and pull it out, disconnect the cable at that end (it's pretty obvious) and lube it until it starts to move easily in and out (you'd obviously have to straighten any kinks you can see too). Even in this case you'll almost certainly have to readjust the selector mechanism at the tranny end of the cable. The whole setup is simple and easy to work on, and seizing up over the years is really the only thing that tends to go wrong with it (in my limited experience).


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