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Chevy Engine into a DeSoto? Go ahead, slap me!

From: Beavis
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Date: December 13, 2002
Time: 14:58:07


Now, if this is a site that caters to us go-fast junkies with a penchant for the Forward Look, then tell me this: Am I so out of line for thinking often of swapping in a stroker 383 chevy engine that produces 465 hp on pump gas using 9.5 : 1 compression pistons? I have a really nice 56 desoto, but I am very much struggling getting going on the early hemi thing. Finding anyone locally who specializes in really beefing one up is impossible, finding affordable performance parts is a joke, and the more I think about it, paying $3400 for a brand new (turn key) engine would make life more fun. I mean, can I realisticly (sic) build a 330 hemi to 465 hp for that $$ amount? Now, kick me if I am really stupid for dreaming of doing this, but look at it like this for a moment: The british motoring company called AC made a great car called the ACE and the Aceca, I think, and one of them was fast, fun, beautiful and exciting in standard trim, but when Shelby was solicited to spruce it up, he shoehorned in a 260, then 289, then what? It really turned into a smokin' machine. I am not reputable like Shelby, but is my idea so wrong? Help me make a decision.


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