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Re: Chevy Engine into a DeSoto? Go ahead, slap me!

From: Lemmi
Remote Name:
Date: December 13, 2002
Time: 17:21:19


I did not mean to post the same thing computer froze twice today, and it was not until after my second time posting it that the original (this thread) actually appeared on my screen...I am not really as dumb as it seems. Technically speaking, why are Mopars better, not socially ( I already see those potential RAMifications)...By the way, does the Mopar Crate engine mentioned (the 360) come set up as turn key? $$$ speaking, for $3400 I could get the 383 GM unit ready to bolt up to any GM style tranny, so I would have to fabricate engine mounts, tranny mounts, shift linkage, and a few other me understand why not to do this (obviously no one here would admit that it seems kind of interesting).


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