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Re: Engine Swap...too unethical? Lemmi know your honest opinions

From: Devon in San Diego
Remote Name:
Date: December 13, 2002
Time: 17:51:56


Let me have all of your leftover hemi parts, okay. I am always needing something...of course, you might as well let me have that 2 door driver's side door glass, C-pillar DeSoto emblems, horn button center, pristine clock, any NOS mirrors that you won't be wanting while you are at it. Since you plan on converting to a chevy, you won't want your radiator, and all of the fancy things that are supposed to be on your car. I hear that you were going to convert your hemi to a coffee table by attaching glass table top to it? Are you bothering to cut the grill out to make a BBQ and the trunk into a sofa? The 383 GM unit does sound pretty hot, though. I used to drive a 88 suburban with a 4 speed stick, and at the time, my dream engine was to stroke the 350 with the 400 crank and kit. It makes for mind numbing torque, killer horsepower and appears to be a stock 350 (which is boring visually, unlike our beloved little hemis). Is there any such thing as stroking a 330 with any larger engine's crank, really beefing it up...I am interested to know for my own purposes. I am saddened that after so much toil will go into my 330 that I am going to end up still with less horsepower than my little Japanese Lexus...I want to keep my engine bay fairly stock in appearance...


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