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Re: your sins will be noted(their is a better way)

From: erik aase
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Date: December 13, 2002
Time: 22:29:12


i too know the trials and tribulations of having a 56 desoto 330 in need of parts and tlc. I bought a package deal of 3 desotos this spring for 2500 cdn(1600 us). Two were 4drs and one was a fireflite sportsman 2dr ht(no engine and tranny). The engines in the other cars were a 330 2bbl desoto hemi and a 331 chrysler hemi. I have agonized over the last few months about the pros and cons of which engine to stick in the sportsman. After lots of internet research and lots of feedback from forward look members(particularly Hank Dozier) I decided on the chrysler hemi for the following reasons:(1) parts avalibilty (2)cost (3)less stress. The 331 hemi is widely available and will also bolt right in with minor modifications. You can even use desoto tranny( see discussionn from 2-3 days ago. keep your desoto hemi and wait for the day of aftermarket 4bbl intakes to arrive! if you put a chevy in your desoto you and any of your buddies won't be happy with the results. And ultimately remeber all cars are eventually sold and the resale on a chevy powered desoto will be slim to none. Mopar purists won't want it and neither will chevy fans. If you do put the chevy in their you will have a lot to answer for at the pearly gates!


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