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Re: Engine Swap...too unethical? Lemmi know your honest opinions

From: alumcan
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Date: December 13, 2002
Time: 22:31:36


Lemmi, put 'this' in yer pipe and smoke it. Thirty five hundred, for a complete wedge (angled plug) Chevy, with a warranty (?) is a GOOD bargan! That is if the motor was built by a reputable company! Instead of the DeSoto receiving the stroker motor, go with a chopped top '59, '60 Studebaker Lark hardtop, or one of those '51, '54 Nash Rambler hardtops. You know, the one used in the "Beep, Beep" song, about the Rambler passing the Cadillac in second gear. You will have something that is a LOT differnt than all of those 'other' run of the mill Chevys, and Fords with Chevy motors. Gary Medows, who is head of the Goodguys, has several MoPar Rods, one is a '60 or '61 (?) four door hardtop Chrysler Wagon. He also has one of those '51 or '52 Nash Rambler Convertibles, like Lois Lane drove in the old Superman TV series, with a small block Chevy. One of those cars built with that stroker motor would draw more attention, than any old '55 or '56 DeSoto, with a Chevy motor. My opinion.


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