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HELP! Brake problems.

From: Sar
Remote Name:
Date: December 14, 2002
Time: 20:00:50


Hey guys. Here's my problem. All my wheel cylinders are sticking (well, not really). The brake shoes - all 4 wheels - won't return properly. The brake pedal has gotten very very stiff feeling, even though on the first push it will travel a good ways. first i thought the pistons were sticking, i let pressure out at the bleeder valves and the pistons move freely. second i thought maybe the return springs were too weak. So I adjusted the brake shoe cams so that the spring would be made to really stretch and have a lot of tension on it to pull the shoe back. pushed the pedal (with alot of travel this time) and the shoes stayed there. They will "eventually" return, but they do it very VERY, slowly. when i would open the bleeder valves, the shoes would pull right back in. It almost seems that the system gets alot of pressure put on it from depressing the pedal, but it does not release. Could something in the master cylinder cause this? All the wheel cylinders, and master cylinder were rebuilt about 2 or 3 months ago. The vent at the top of the master cylinder is not blocked. The brakes have been just fine until today. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks happy holidays


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