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Put in a big block Mopar!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: December 14, 2002
Time: 20:26:42


Like YOU said, it would be embarrassing to have a small block Chevy in anything but a Chevy! (never mind any Hp/$ ratio) One thing to keep in mind is eventual resale. I'm constantly getting offers for my '60 Plymouth wagon with a 440, meanwhile a '60 Plymouth wagon with a 327 Chevy has been in the Auto Trader for over a year now (and it's even a 2-door wagon, which is rarer and 'cooler' to rodders than my 4-door wagon). I'd buy it, but it would be an additional pain to take out the Chevy and undo whatever they did ('universal' crossmember,etc.). Some of the other 'potential' buyers think this also,I'm sure! Small block Chevys are too common. If they'd put in a BIG block Chevy, it would be strangely appropriate in a way as the BBC's heads are a total clone of the Poly engine heads! (The Rod-Stroke ratios still SUCK for BBC's compared to Mopar B engines). People see an SBC under the hood of any non-Chevy and always think the owner took the 'easy way out',no matter if the car model has a ready-made SBC swap kit or not (some poor sot took eight months to get a 350 sorted out in a Datsun 280Z, and the showgoers thought he did it in a weekend!). You are right that the mighty old Hemi would be a mighty costly proposition to redo,and it would lack the torque of a 440. The B is a good compromise of cost and respectability for swapping into a Forward Look car. It costs less than redoing an early Hemi,and you can open the hood with pride! (except for purists and old fogeys!)


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