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Acceptability is in the eye of the beholder

From: Mike Patterson
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Date: December 15, 2002
Time: 10:44:07


It's funny how a lot of people react to what is acceptable in their eyes and what is not. Generally speaking, an off brand motor in almost any pre 1950 car is acceptable, but as you get into the mid 50s noses really turn up at such swaps. (Possibly due in part to all 3 major manufactures at that time starting to build some really good HIPO motors of their own). Some of you may even remember when GM even had a minor marketing fiasco when it started to put Chevy engines in Oldsmobiles and Buicks and 403 Olds engines in the Pontiac Firebirds... A lot of the general public really thinks it's just neat to see an old car moving under it's own power, and could care less. As has been pointed out expect a lot of flak at car shows, and a VERY low resale value when it's done, but the people who see it driving down the street won't know the difference. I personally would not do it, but then again it's not my car. If this is the route you take, good luck to you.


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