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It's not the pushrod

From: sar
Remote Name:
Date: December 15, 2002
Time: 20:31:52


Thanks guys but it's not the rod. I already had it adjusted so that the pushrod comes all the way back. I pulled the master cylinder out and washed the heck out of it, and the parts, re-installed it in the car...same thing. The pushrod works very easily by hand. the relief port (the super tiny hole i think) is open, as is the larger hole of course. But after i got home i started wondering...How does the fluid come back past the valve that's at the front of the cylinder? I see how it allows the fluid to push through the lines when you push the pedal, but it looks like the rubber inside the valve would prevent the fluid from coming back. I was thinking I could try blowing through the outlet port of the master cyl. and see if it's closed or not. Are there any tiny passages in there, beside the 2 holes between the resevoir and the cylinder, that i cannot see? This one's really tricking me. I loosened all the brake lines and hoses and blew through them all easily. did the same with the junction block. is there any reason that would make it unwise to pull the valve out of the master cylinder and see if that works (as a way to test the valve)? I don't really see how it would really make that much difference. i'd still get the same amount of fluid pushing against the lines and brake light switch. anyway thanks alot guys. I'm stumped


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