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Too Shorty Plymouth!

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: December 15, 2002
Time: 21:02:28


Roof's too short! Actually years ago I drew up some plans for a '61 Plymouth 'business coupe' which kept the proportions as close as possible to the '49-52 business coupes. The wheelbase was 108" (only 10" shorter than the standard wheelbase),and the doors were 3" longer than the 2-dr. sedan doors. Since an authentic factory business coupe would have been a low-price line car (Savoy in 1961),I had drawn it with window pillars. Those would be some heavy doors! I've done a more 'upscale' version as well (a Fury business coupe) that would not ape a 'factory' car but would be better-looking and easier to actually make. The base would be the 4-dr. HT shortened to 108" with 2-dr HT doors and longer custom C-pillars. The rear edges of the door windows would be cut to slope slightly forward, but ingress-egress would still be easy (unlike that too-shorty). BTW, that too-shorty has been on Auto Trader Online for months now...


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