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Re: drum pulling tool for 1956 plymouth Savoy

From: Marty Stewart
Remote Name:
Date: December 16, 2002
Time: 17:56:50


I just went through this about a month. Apparently the right puller that you beat with a hammer is no longer available, may find it at an older rental place or with an older mechanic that did a lot of Dodge products, maybe an older brake shop? I had to use a truck hub puller as I stripped the sissy thing the rental place had for cars. Also leave the nut on. Even with the nut on I compressed the end of the axle enough to require running a die over it. Good tips are to stress it then bang the end of the puller with a hammer then stress some more. May even require leaving it under tension over night. Also may need some head near the axle as a last resort. Drum can apparently also jump off and go flying so another reason to keep the nut on. The hardest part I had was keeping the whole assembly from turning. I bent a tire iron into a U. Ended up using a large steel bar wedged into the legs of the puller. Weight of vehicle on tire was not enough to hold it. Its a miserable job usually. Though I had the two on my parts car just come right off as I put the puller on.


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