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It wasn't that bad

From: Joe Mac
Remote Name:
Date: December 17, 2002
Time: 11:11:50


C'mon, you knew to expect a certain amount of harsh feedback for proposing that transplant on a Mopar site. I think the responses were genuine. You heard from hot rodders to purists and I don't think there's a hypocrit in the bunch. I'd lay money that they all practice what they preach. Narrow-minded? Insulting? Again, this is a MOPAR site. If you want a more objective response you could try a hot rodder's site, but those guys will put a SBC in anything. On the other hand, you might want to listen to the guys who are giving you the benefit of years of experience doing Mopar projects. Look at it this way; when I was a kid I put ketchup on my steak. As I grew up I learned that ruined the flavor. Get the point? A '56 DeSoto is a heavy car, and will never be considered quick. Don't be fooled by horsepower numbers. What you need is torque, lots of it. My humble opinion... put a stout Mopar RB motor in it and you and everyone else will admire the results. Good luck.


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