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Re: Ambience.....Additional Thoughts/ VERY WELL SAID,,,,,!

From: alumcan
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Date: December 18, 2002
Time: 00:06:38


Kenny, VERY WELL SAID!! You are absoutly right in your statement of each vehicle having it's own ambience/signature sound! Some of my examples; an Flathead Ford starter, a '50's Chevy Pickup, a split 235 Chevy inline six exhaust, a late '60's early '70's MoPar starter, the 'ding ding' exhaust sound of a 2-stroke, and above all, a Shovlehead Harley-Davidson. You, I, and generaly everone else, like you said on the MoPar motor sound, hears each one of those distinctive sounds, without looking, knows exactly what each vehicle is! There are a couple of 'A' block Mopars running on the local 'roundy-round' tracks. The Chevy power has a high pitched, almost a whine. While the 340/360 Mopars have a deeper 'growl'. A coule years ago, I was watching a doctumentary on the History Channel, about Zora Dontov. (Father of the Corvette) He and his team were racing one of his motors in a highly disguised, (looked like someone who was on drugs, had 10 minutes to get rid of 5 gallons of body putty before it hardened) '56 Chevy 2S up the '55 Pikes Peak Race. The high pitched sound that car was making, sounded like it was turning ten grand and moving only 50 mph! Somehow the film crew, or somebody got a picture of a undisguised '56 DeSoto 2H broadsliding around one of the turns. The sound that Hemi made, I thought that it was going to stall out, it was so deep. But no, it slid clear around the trun and kept right on a goin'! That 'ambience' thing you were talking about, on our Hearse, it sure gets looks when we drive by, or sitting at a light, and people are staring at the rear, listining to a sound that ISN'T supposed to be associated with a Funeral Coach. The V-8 rumble of chrome tipped, dual exhaust! Look at the Prowler when if first came out. The magazines said that it looked like a Rod, but it just didn't have the 'ambience' or the typical Street Rod sound!


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