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Re: Ambience.....Additional Thoughts

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: December 18, 2002
Time: 10:56:22


As a matter of minor interest, for those who look at engine designs and especially bore/stroke ratios and the infamous L/R ratio, the exhaust notes of the old MOPARS can somewhat be explained by those two items. That and the IEIEIEIE rather than EIIEEIIE for the cylinder head valve layout, which affects the coupling of the exhaust tuning. IF you put a real long rod in a Big Block Ford, it will sound similar to a 392 with low restriction exhaust. The MOPAR "deep growl" sound comes from displacement sporting smaller bores and longer strokes, and the longest rods of the Big 3. That and the valve sequencing. No Chevy except for the new LS1 type engines could make this noise, and then they can't due to the alloy content, which tunes the signature higher. Just my 2 of comment.


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