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Re: My heater is cold!

From: R Duke
Remote Name:
Date: December 20, 2002
Time: 01:14:11


Be sure that you tested the water temp at the radiator and it reads OK. If you still do not get proper heater output then check water flow at the core. Remove the probe from the heat box and observe any change in heat output. The valve may be at fault by not opening fully. You may want to bypass the heat valve and check output. My car has a manual petcock at the waterpump that acts as a heater shut-off, be sure that it's open. You can get some sense of hat water flow by simply holding the hoses at radiator in, heat valve in AND out, core in AND out. Remember, thermostats are cheap, so are probe type thermometers from the kitchen deparement to help with the readings. Good luck and happy holidays to all.


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