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Daven's link DOES work

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: December 21, 2002
Time: 13:15:30


Daven's link works if you get rid of the space before "chrysler". Use everything between the asterisks: **** For people who hate computers, here's how to cut and paste so you don't have to laboriously type the address (URL) in: First place your cursor (the flashing "|") at the left end of "http" THEN keep the LEFT-hand mouse button pressed and drag to the end of "htm" in order to Highlight THEN press the RIGHT-hand mouse button and a little menu appears THEN you go down the little menu to "Copy" and press the LEFT-hand mouse button (you now have it copied on your computer's clipboard and can take this text anywhere you like on your computer). THEN you go up to the URL window at the top of your screen and click the RIGHT-hand button and a little menu will appear and you go down the menu to "Paste" and click the LEFT-hand mouse button. (Now the URL that you just copied will be Pasted in the URL field). So then you just press your "Enter" key on the keyboard and Hey Presto you should see the Norseman page. The right-hand mouse button is one of the biggest timesavers on your computer, and it took me about 6 years to discover it (always the problem if you're self-taught: your teacher's an idiot).


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