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I might be partially to blame

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: December 22, 2002
Time: 20:23:36


It's all the malls with their lights on, all the hot air rising from politicians worldwide, it's the North Koreans cranking up their nuclear reactors, the investors burning their worthless dot com stock, the Enron executives sitting under their sun lamps getting a nice tan prior to skipping south to Brasil with their millions, it's all the heat from the baby boomers working out in a desperate attempt to stop aging, the atmospheric vibrations because of those irritating punk kids with their boombox cars that I can hear 800ft away from the highway shaking the walls of my house, it's the steady wind accompanying all the Californians moving north into Oregon and Washington, the military bands practising their oom-pa-pa marching songs, the Palestinians blowing themselves up, the Israelis burning down the Palestinians' houses, the volcanoes erupting all over the world, and oh yes I turned the thermostat up in my house. Hope this answers your question. If you don't have snow by Dec. 24th just drop me a line and I'll turn the thermostat down a tad.


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