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Re: Not all industrial 413-440's have 'six-pack' rods

From: Cbody
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Date: December 24, 2002
Time: 10:20:02


I apologize Daven, I'm not on the board enough and hadn't seen your other posts about the flanges, I'll try and reign myself in a bit in the future. For the record though, I may have been less clear than I should have in my post but I was referring to the 413's when discussing the use or not of LY rods. I've never seen an industrial 440, only 413's, and I've yet to see one of them with LY's when they utilize the 8 bolt crank. The motorhome 440's that I've been around have all used a 6 bolt automotive crank and about an even mix of 6 pack or LY rods. Usually a check of the balancer thickness will be the biggest external tip-off as to what rods/crank are used, in my experience at least. Jay


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