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Your car's original 318 is a poly- How to ID

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: December 25, 2002
Time: 19:20:59


The original 318's in that car were all poly head engines. The poly heads are substantially larger than the '67-up LA 318 heads. The LA 318 and 360 engines were locally assembled for Australia, and some of your cars had imported 340's as well. If you park your car next to a car with the LA V8 and your engine's bigger,it's a poly. A more concrete way of ID is that the LA exhaust ports are siamesed in the center,and the polys are symmetrical. LA= 0_00_0 Poly= 0_0_0_0 The LA exhaust manifold has a center section twice as large as the end sections (after all,the center section has two ports going to it),and the poly exhaust manifold has 4 symmetrical sections from the head. If your car has the original 318 engine,it's a poly, but this will help you ID if someone swapped a later 318 LA in the car (it is easier to find LA engines than poly engines in junkyards, both in the US and Australia).


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