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Re: Fuel Tank drain plug - leaking

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: December 27, 2002
Time: 08:34:36


Tim...I had to take the plug out of my DeSoto oto drain the fuel before removing it for the frameoff. I used a 1/2 (US-spec) Ratchet Driver for this job, as the 8-point is set up to pick up four of the corners to turn. My plug didn't leak (then), so I did not have to find a way to seal it, but if I remember, the seal was a thin copper gasket. If yo drain yours, look at it an burnish the surfaces to smooth them. Reassemble with the gasket(?) or a new one if needed, and use some of the teflon pipe compound in the threads and on the sliding surfaces (sparingly). I hope this will work, as this would be my course of action. Let us know what ends up working after the plug is out. And oh, do this OUTSIDE with a large pail to catch the contents. Try an siphon or pump the tank down as much as possible, as it really "dumps" out when the seal is broken!


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