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Re: P.S.

From: Bob O.
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Date: December 27, 2002
Time: 21:04:20


Eric..... Then you must have an A-727, I believe. My 1963 edition Motor's Auto Repair Manual lists the aluminium tranny as 1960-1963, but shows two variants of it: one with a two-piece housing for 1960-1963 six cylinder engines, and then as a one piece housing (as you describe) for 1962 V8's. This seems to confirm what I had thought: that your transmission may be a 1962-5 model (which would still have push-button selection) and this would have a second cable going to a park sprag. (I am waiting to be corrected on this!) I don't believe that it will be very significant to you which transmission you have, since all the aluminium transmissions share internal components, according to what I've been told. The ally unit is said to be much less subject to overheating, and the sprag is a good idea, and doesn't need regular adjustment like the transmission brake. My 1960 cast-iron Torqueflite has no Park hold device of any kind, except the emergency brake (handbrake), which is not so great on a 3800 lb car! So anyway, I'm guessing you have a later transmission. If you have any jpegs of your tranny you could send me, I think I'd be able to ID it from the various manuals I have.


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