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Re: Has anyone done front (AAJ) brakes AND a rear brake retrofit??

From: Del Fisher
Remote Name:
Date: December 28, 2002
Time: 23:16:06


I bought the complete AAJ front disc brake kit for my 1959 Desoto. It came with a dual master cylinder and everything you will need. Very complete, a great product. Tech help by phone was very friendly and thorough. The only problem I encountered was shearing off a few of the original brake lines in an attempt to loosen them. I bought pre-cut brake lines with fittings (availabe at most auto stores) and bent them to fit, using the old ones as a master. Definitely use a new dual master cylinder! The single cylinder was dropped for a reason-safety. The car has a later model 8 and three quarter sure-grip. Connecting the parking brake cable to the new rear was no problem. Making the switch waw definitely worth it! Maybe I'll add rear discs later....


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