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Re: Has anyone done front (AAJ) brakes AND a rear brake retrofit??

From: Al Wilson
Remote Name:
Date: December 29, 2002
Time: 20:04:09


I did this on my '60 Plymouth. I used the AAJ kit, which in my case didn't include a master cylinder. I swapped an E-body rear end, with brakes (Challenger, Cuda) which in the case of the '60 Plymouth has the same spring perch location, and the track is only about 1/2" different. I used the master cylinder also from an E-body. It has the four bolt mount and is a dual master cylinder (this is a manual brake set-up). I used a porpotioning/ distribution valve from a '79 Cordoba, just because I had one on hand (Get the fittings with this because they use some odd sizes) . I did have to shorten the brake rod a bit. I kept the tans mounted emergency brake for now, but will use the rear E-brake in the future when I go to a later aluminum Torqueflite. I actually didn't install the self adjusters, since I drive it so little and I like to keep drag to a minimum. I did away with the hydraulic brake light switch and went with a later ('63 Chrysler in my case) pedal acuated switch. The system works great, I can stop with confidence. The pedal pressure required is much lighter than I expected (less than the original brakes).


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